A City-Dweller's Picnic

Posted: May 02 2014

When you live in the city, there's nothing more relaxing or budget-friendly than going out for a picnic at the park. It's seriously amazing how much de-programming can be accomplished by simply sitting out and relaxing on a blanket in the grass. And unlike other vacations where you have to stress about details --packing, traveling, and staying on schedule-- a park picnic is fun from the start. Planning for one requires little effort, and you can dress them up or down all you want.

Choosing a picnic spot: NYC is one of the best cities to enjoy a picnic of any occasion. The city is full of lush parks that are nestled in boroughs, take up the center of the island, and make up the lengthy riverbanks. The spring/summer foliage is the greenest I’ve seen and provides striking contrast against the infamous skyline. Whether it’s a small gathering of friends in the twilight of Central Park, or a romantic night on the Brooklyn Bridge Park lawn, an NYC picnic is probably one of the best urban pastimes in this bustling metropolis.

What to wear: The beauty of an urban picnic is not just the perfect mix of nature and architecture, or of fresh air and logistical convenience, but also the unspoken NYC rule of wearing whatever you want (this is the fashion capital, of course). For the brave, a bikini is perfectly acceptable, and if you work the 9-to-5 then so is office attire; just beware of the dreaded summer humidity. Besides the ritual bug spray and sunscreen, you’re really free to glam it up or let your inner Bohemian princess loose.

Picnic Picks

Prepare the essentials: The key to picnic schlepping is packing light and planning a minimal menu -- and don't forget the wine! When packing your picnic, using any durable canvas tote in lieu of a basket will suffice, but it's important to secure the wine for your trek. Aside from a sudden tropical downpour, losing the wine for whatever reason can ruin a perfectly good picnic. I’m in love with this Graf & Lantz Quiver merino wool felt wine bottle carrier because it allows for safe and easy transportation, and keeps wine at just the right temperature. Plus, for a city where the sidewalk serves as a catwalk, this Graf & Lantz bottle carrier makes for a damn cool accessory.

Getting there: One of the perks of living in NYC is the various modes of transportation, but warm New England weather is an open invitation for bike riding. Having the ultimate modern utility bike fully equipped with an electric motor, front-mounted rack, leather accessory bag, and 8-speed internal would be ideal, but owning the Faraday Porteur is probably out of the question. For those without a bike (or without the space for one), there are plenty of bike rental popups near parks and touristy areas. The Citi Bike public share program also allows for convenient bike rentals from Midtown to Bed-Stuy.

Have a great weekend everyone!



By: Alicia Olivares

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