Leather Everlasting: Our Top Picks & Care Tips

Posted: Jan 09 2014

This year, my New Year’s style resolution is to invest in chic, high-quality accessories and apparel. The reason being that I want to own items that are not prone to breaking down or are quick to become outdated. Another part of my style resolution is to be more fiscally responsible, which includes purchasing less fast-fashion and investing in smarter wardrobe decisions. Clothing, accessories, and footwear should be treated as long-term assets, so what better way to get the most mileage of out your purchases than by investing in quality leather goods?

Leather is making a bold statement on runway shows and in all the glossies for Spring. Notable is Tom Ford’s latest collection, which features stunning head-to-toe outfits, chunky braided belts, and tanned leather heels. From panels, to blocks, to trimmings, leather (and faux leather) apparel is readily available wherever one chooses to look. 

To set yourself apart, some special items you may want to think about adding your wardrobe in 2014 are: leather pants, classic booties, and leather-accented jewelry. With this in mind, I’ve chosen 5 favorite leather picks that can be incorporated easily into any wardrobe:



Miista Sandra Ankle Boot, $218



 Generation Love Bobo Leather Sleeve Sweatshirt in Black, $120.40



Mettle Fair Trade Leather High Contrast Necklace, $69



 J Apostrophe Pleated Leather Trouser, $195



 J Apostrophe Roma Tote, $398



Leather is a durable material that can withstand the natural elements and the grind of big city life. If taken care of, a leather product will last a lifetime and will age gracefully. Whether you have a leather purse, shoe, or other good, do be sure to occasionally clean and condition the leather. Depending on the item and its condition, leather can either be professionally cleaned, or wiped down with a store-bought solution. Don’t forget that conditioning leather is just as important –as it can become cracked and dry with age– and should be done at least twice a year.

Editor’s note: Faux leather, which is made of polyurethane (aka PU) can be cared for by wiping down with a soft cloth and water, according to most care label instructions. But if you’ve stretched or sweated in the fabric and desire a more thorough cleaning, we recommend turning the garment inside-out, hand washing –or if you’re lazy like we are, using the hand wash cycle– and then letting it air dry. We’ve done this for many a faux leather pant and it does the trick. xx



By: Alicia Olivares

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