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Posted: Jan 14 2014

Laura Jones’s career is incredible. It’s her aesthetic that makes it so, her ability to juxtapose the classic and the modern, the feminine and the edge. As a celebrity stylist for a myriad of celebrities including Alicia Keys, Laura’s work is the stuff that many a fashion dream is made of.

The first time I met Laura was at a panel that her and I spoke at for School Of Style back in June. I immediately felt like I’ve known Laura for years. Besides her beautiful style and talent, she is one of the sweetest stylists in the fashion game. I got an opportunity to interview and hang out with her and her fiancé at their humble abode in Brooklyn Heights. She walked me through her place and honestly, I was very impressed. Their bookshelves and tabletops were overflowing with heaps of inspiring art books and fashion magazines. I got to see some rare artwork that they have from incredible artists such as Reverend Howard Finster (an American artist from Georgia who designed album covers for R.E.M and Talking Heads). And of course, I got a chance to snuggle with their pup, adorable Albert. Here are some photos to get a feel of the amazing Laura Jones’s life in Brooklyn along with some interview questions that picked her brain a bit (below). Enjoy! xo


How long have you been in NY?  Did you intend on being here for this long?

I’ve been in NY about 5 years now. It started as a 2 week vacation and I’m still here…..


How would you compare the fashion stylist industry between here and Australia?

At the time that I moved there was not really a comparison, in NY you have access to so much more. Clothing, photographers, models, budget…. so by default the quality of work in NY is so much higher. That said, there is definitely huge talent in fashion coming out of Australia and I think that gap is slowly shrinking. I think despite the distance Australian talent is traveling the globe to produce work and the results are really impressive.


What do you miss most about Aus?

The beach! beach! beach! I spent my first Christmas and new years in Australia last year since I had left and was in awe at how beautiful the beaches were, I had forgotten.


What would you consider milestone moments in your career as a stylist?

There have been so many, personally and professionally. I consider thriving in NYC a personal and professional feat in and of itself. I’ve worked with and learned from some of the most amazing talent in the world, from Edward Enninful to Steven Meisel to Kate Moss and gone on to style icons on my own such as Alicia Keys and Debbie Harry. It’s really been an incredible journey.


As a fashion stylist, we have to know – what is your style mantra like?

I am someone who really loves the summertime and intelligent, simple design, so for me it’s all about the perfect dress. I like getting dressed to feel uncomplicated but that shouldn’t compromise with beautiful design. I believe investing in well-made, well-fitted pieces is much more effective than chasing trends. Even if you end up with fewer pieces, you are sure to get a compliment every time you wear them.


Do you have any advice for our readers on personal style?  Any favorite trends?

Though I know it can sound like the same advise so many others give, it really is about finding your personal voice and expressing it as best you can. I personally am a minimalist in my aesthetic and style of dress but have friends and colleagues who wear some outrageous pieces, (sometimes all at once) and it works for them. It still looks chic. As long as you feel good in what you are wearing I think it is the right look for you. Never mind if you have to experiment a little in order to get there.


Can you talk a little about the pieces you’re wearing in the shoot? 

I chose some of my favorite winter staples for this shoot. My thigh high suede Louis Vuitton stay up boots were my purchase this season. I have worn them for all types of occasions and they always make my look feel more special. The black Christopher Kane dress is very simple but beautifully designed and also translates seamlessly across day and night. All the jewelry featured is by a wonderful collaborator Lynn Ban. She is a New York jeweler and no shoot or event is complete for me without one of her pieces. I adore her!



Editor: Bettina Bati

Photographer – Lee O’Connor


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